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Rice and Herbal Infused Hair Growth Oil

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This oil was formulated with natural ingredients to stimulate your hair and scalp, which will result in maximizing the growth of your hair. This oil has been infused with 18 herbs, along with rice which provides fiber, biotin, vitamin E, vitamin B, and minerals to your hair and scalp. It also has anti- inflammatory properties that help slow down hair loss, improve hair growth speed, boosts scalp circulation, prevents thinning hair, cures dandruff and split ends, delays premature graying, stops itchiness to the scalp, and makes hair smooth and shiny.

Ingredients: Herbal infused rice bran oil, sea moss infused castor seed oil, flax seed oil, aloe, vitamin E


shake well and apply directly onto roots or hair. Massage the oil through the scalp and style your hair as desired.


Recommended for:

   Perfect for men and women, boy or girl 2+

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