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A1W Soaps

Rice Water Shampoo

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This shampoo was formulated too create a moisturizing lather that will stimulate hair growth. This shampoo is rich in proteins, glycerides, and vitamin rich water, which are known as the secret to sleek, strong, long, shiny hair, which also will help with your hair elasticity and aid in promoting healthy hair and scalp.

Directions: Wet your hair completely, until its drench. Apply enough shampoo to your hair according to the length of your hair. Lather your hair up in a circular motion, while massaging your scalp at the same time. When your hair have been fully massaged rinse all shampoo completely, Style your hair as desired.

Ingredients:  infused rosemary, organic aloe vera juice, organic rice protein, flax seed oil, vegetable glycerin, vitamin B, rice bran oil, infused herbal mixture

Recommended for:  men, women, boy, girl

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