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A1W Soaps

Sensitive Yoni Wash

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This wash is safe for the body and your intimate area. You can use this as part of your daily routine. This wash combats yeast, itch, odor, bacterial vaginosis, ingrown hair bumps, razor bumps, helps with heavy menstrual flow, cramps, stimulate your sexual desire, and you will regain your natural moistness back. It will keep your yoni fresh literally all day. This wash doesn't contain any actual herbs or mica colors, all of the herbs are infused in this wash. It was formulated the most sensitive way possible, just for the most sensitive her.


8oz. (1bottle)


Ingredients:  herbal infused grape seed oil mixture, aloe, flaxseed oil, apple cider vinegar, shea butter, goat milk

Recommended for:

  • Body Wash. Use as a body soap or even as shaving soap. Perfect for women.

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