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Sea Moss Lemonade Drink

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This drink has been formulated to provide you with 92 of 102 minerals that the body needs to flourish. So many people dislike the taste of raw sea moss, so we decided to infuse it in a very tasty drink that is sweeten with organic agave nectar, that's handmade where the whole family can enjoy. 

Sea Moss is known to have benefits of supporting a healthy heart, promotes good digestion, helps maintain a healthy weight. It is a great post workout recovery tonic, promotes a healthy thyroid, supports a healthy immune system, improves metabolism, supports hair skin and nails, and improves libido.

16 oz bottles.

Ingredients: wild crafted St. Lucia Sea Moss, Alkaline Water, Lemonade, Fruit Juice, Agave Nectar

Place your drink in the fridge upon arrival.

Instructions: Keep your bottles in the refrigerator or freezer, when kept in the refrigerator discard after three weeks. When kept in the freezer discard after three months. We do not ship this item on Friday through Sunday, to avoid your item just sitting at the post office.

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